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Rose Hips-E Lip Savior

Rose Hips-E Lip Savior
Rose Hips-E Lip Savior


•  Provides a protective layer to your lips

•  Nourish lips with vitamins & essential fatty acids

•  Heals lips at cellular level

•  Has a tasty sweet almond taste

•  Excellent for cracked, wrinkled & dry lips

•  Rose hips oil provides extra regenerating properties


Recommended for:

•  Normal to dry lips


What is it?

•  Lip balm with rubiginosa rose hips oil


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Take your lip treatment to the highest level. One of the first parts of the body to become dehydrated are the lips. That causes painful cracks, unsightly, peeling skin, and unattractive, wrinkled lips.  Most lip balms are formulated to give skin a coating, but they do not feed lips the essential nutrients necessary to heal and prevent cracks & peeling of skin.  Our Lip Savior is formulated with vital ingredients that feed the lips vitamins and essential fatty acids at cellular level. Hence, it not only adds a protective film to lips, but also improves the condition of the skin so it is more fluid and healthy. 


Packed with a synergy of healing ingredients, our Lip Saviors nourish lips back into health. Lips will be fuller, more supple and more beautiful after using just a few times. 


Amazing Ingredients:

Nilotik' shea butter, certified organic rubiginosa rose hips oil, Ugandan beeswax (from beekeeping project), cold pressed chamomile oil, cold pressed calendula oil, natural vitamin E, natural rose flavor, seabuckthorn oil, stevia.


How To Use:

Using a clean finger apply a generous layer onto lips, especially the area where the upper and lower lips meet. This is the place that most commonly suffers from cracks. Can be use as often as you like, we know it’s tasty.


1x 30g jar of Rose Hips-E Lip Savior

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