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Moroccan Lava Clay Shampoo Bar (Rose Geranium)

Moroccan Lava Clay Shampoo Bar (Rose Geranium)
Moroccan Lava Clay Shampoo Bar (Rose Geranium)


•  100% natural shampoo bar
•  Made with Moroccan lava clay
•  Softens & strengthen hair
•  Has a pleasant rose geranium scent
•  Very convenient to bring during holidays

Recommended for:

•  All hair types


What is it?

•  All natural shampoo bar with rose geranium essential oil.
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Made with Moroccan lava clay from deep inside Atlas Mountain! This ancient lava clay has been used for centuries by the Berber people to clean, soften & strengthen their hair. Locally known as ghassool or rhassoul, the Moroccan lava clay cleans by drawing out impurities. Being naturally rich in minerals such as silica, it also helps to strengthen your hair as you wash with it. 


Amazing Ingredients:

33% USDA certified organic nilotica shea butter, USDA certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, 100% pure spring water, USDA certified organic extra virgin olive oil, Moroccan Lava Clay, sodium hydroxide (positively charged salts that turn water and oil into soap), certified organic rose geranium essential oil.


How To Use:

Rub shampoo bar into wet hair to lather into a rich foam. Alternatively, lather on your hands first before working it on your hair. Slowly & gently massage it around before rinsing off. If hair has a lot of styling products or oil in it washing twice might be necessary.

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