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Madagascar Tamanu Oil

Madagascar Tamanu Oil
Madagascar Tamanu Oil Madagascar Tamanu Oil Madagascar Tamanu Oil Madagascar Tamanu Oil


•  100% pure & natural from Madagascar

•  Strong anti-bacteria & anti-fungal properties

•  Promotes the formation of new tissues

•  Helps to repair & heal wounds

•  Great for acne, rashes & bug bites



Recommended for:

•  Acne, dry or aging skin


What is it?

•  Natural anti acne oil


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For thousands of years this oil has been treasured by inhabitants of Madagascar & its surrounding islands. Tamanu oil is known as a pharmacy in a bottle. The oil aid’s your body’s work against bacterial & fungal infections similarly to many antibiotics. It can have the ability to help promote the formation of new tissue. This property, medically known as cicatrization, makes tamanu oil the perfect remedy for those suffering from acne, rashes, sunburn, insect bites & eczema too.

Not only has tamanu oil been valued for its ability to heal skin & fight infections, this oil has been highly revered as an aid to anti-aging. Slightly waxy, this curry fragrant oil helps skin to repair itself from external damage & fights off free radical scavengers. It may even improve the tone & elasticity of the skin.


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Amazing Ingredients:

100% Pure, Madagascan cold pressed tamanu oil.


How To Use:

Gently massage several drops into your skin every night. Can be applied anytime of the day & can also be used as oil nutrient layer beneath any one of Shea Terra Organics' moisturizing face creams. Use daily for best results.

1x 59ml Madagascar Tamanu Oil

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