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Authentic African Black Soap

Authentic African Black Soap
Authentic African Black Soap Authentic African Black Soap Authentic African Black Soap Authentic African Black Soap


•  100% natural African black soap from Nigeria

•  No coloring or dye added

•  Excellent at getting rid of body acne

•  Firms your skin

•  Removes dull & dead skin effectively


Recommended for:

•  Oily or acne prone face

•  Body with acne


What is it?

•  An ancient-formula soap that thoroughly cleans your skin


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Our 100% authentic African Black Soap, brought directly from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. The Yorubans are believed to be the original makers of this black soap. It clears away blackheads, whiteheads & bacteria that causes acnes. Then it’ll dissolves oil which holds onto your dead skin & any impurities. After washing, the old or dead skin will eventually peel off. This encourages new skin to grow, which not only lightens wrinkles but also helps to decrease pigmentation. Once washed away, you will not believe how much younger, firmer and healthier your skin will look.


The soap may be a little drying at times. Simply apply one of our moisturizing creams, oils or shea nilotica for glowing, younger looking skin.


Amazing Ingredients:

USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, African black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm oil, camwood), 24% USDA certified organic shea butter, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide.


How To Use:

Use daily for maximum results. For body, lather the bar on your skin & massage over your body before rinsing off. For face, lather the bar on your hands & massage it over your face for several minutes before rinsing off. 

1x 118g of Authentic African Black Soap

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